How do I get started?  What are the first steps I should take?

Getting started is simple - just email us for the start up information (series of emails with instructions, evaluation form, etc).  Also, you may want to download the printable checklist and please read through the detailed appointment guide.

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RECORDS:   Do I have to have the post op reports from my tubal ligation?  Do I have to have them translated?  How do I send them?  What happens after I send my reports?

Reports are not mandatory, but they can be helpful so if you have or can obtain a copy you should send them for review by fax or email.   No translation is necessary.  Note:  After your reports are reviewed (may take up to a week in busy seasons) you will receive an email with the results of your review.   If you are faxing your forms, please ONLY fax the typed operative description and the pathology report if there is one.  Photos must be emailed for clarity and dvds can be mailed (please ask for instructions) but it could take several weeks to receive/review mailed items.  Please remember to include an email address in your fax so we can respond - or email us after you have faxed to let us know how to reach you after review. 

Fax: 1-281-520-3074   / /  Email to:

Are there any special requirements for surgery? Is there an age or weight limit to be met to be a candidate for surgery?  Are there any patients you will not work with?

Dr. Perez does not have an age/weight restriction but each patient is evaluated based on his or her individual needs and general health.  Dr. Perez has the highest success rates for successful reversals / pregnancies,  especially for patients who have previously been told that a reversal is not possible.  No matter which doctor you choose, and there are excellent doctors in all countries,  we believe you deserve the chance to restore your health and/ or be given the opportunity to try to conceive a child of your own if possible.  You will fill out a pre-op evaluation form and if possible send your tubal ligation records for the doctors to review. If you have any health problems we will discuss those with you in advance.  Examinations and lab work will be performed prior to surgery - a more extensive exam may be required for patients with certain health concerns. 

We may not be able to treat patients that have infectious diseases (HIV, Tuberculosis, MRSA (staff), Hepatitis, etc.) and we test for these prior to surgery.  If your surgery is very 'high risk' due to health concerns you may be asked to postpone until these concerns are addressed by your doctor.  It is important to remember that this surgery is elective and should not put the patient at extreme risk.

How far apart do the pre-op exam and surgery need to be?  Can I do my lab work in advance in the US?  Will I be getting a physical done?

The exams, lab work and surgery will be done when you arrive for those traveling internationally.  You should arrive at least 4 hours prior to surgery (or the day/evening before for a morning surgery). If you need to have lab work or exams done before arriving our doctors will let you know - after reviewing your evaluation form.    

If you have higher risk pre-existing conditions, you may be required to be evaluated by a specialist prior to your surgery.  This does not necessarily determine your ability to have surgery, but it will give the doctors a baseline to monitor your needs and level of care  while you are with us.  For detailed information, please see costs page or email us for an evaluation form. 

How far in advance do we need to schedule the surgery?  What if I want to go this week?  What if I want to go next year? Can I get papers signed for my job so that I can take off work?

You may schedule at any time from one week to 2 months in advance (up to 12 months in advance if you are on the payment plan). You should always try to pick a date you are confident with and if possible, keep the date. When it is not possible to keep your date we will be happy to work with you to select a new date. Please see the link below for more details.  Deposits are due when you schedule, and if you have paperwork for your employer that needs to be prepared in advance, please be sure to send them at least 2 weeks in advance - or bring them with you.

Appointments Page   

How do I make an appointment if I do not speak Spanish?

All of our consulting physicians / surgeons / and office staff speak English.  Appointments are made by emailing us the date/ time you wish to have surgery. 

What happens if I cannot keep my appointment?  Can I get my money back?

See the appointments page and the deposit page for more detailed information regarding canceling and rescheduling surgery.     

Appointments Page        Deposits Page 

My husband and I both need reversals (vasectomy reversal + tubal reversal).  Can we get them done at the same time?

Yes.  We frequently do couples reversals.  Surgery times will be staggered so that the spouses are not under sedation at the same time (unless you bring a third adult with you to act as your advocate while you are sedated).  Each spouse is welcome to be present at the other's surgery.  The amount of in hospital time is about appx 1/2 day longer than a single surgery.  Neither patient will be able to drive post op, so you will need to fly or use public transportation, hire the shuttle, and have someone pick you up at the airport when you return home.  A private nurse may be required.

I have seen stories on the internet, even on other reversal doctor's websites that say that the doctors in Mexico are not qualified to do this surgery, and that I will get butchered in Mexico!  This really scares me - so how do I know that won't really happen to me?  I don't see any complaints on your site about other doctors.  Is that because the other doctors are better doctors?  

We have all heard the expression "don't believe everything you read".  It is necessary to remember that bit of wisdom especially now with the internet becoming the world's #1 method of communication.  People are generally not held responsible for what they say on the internet - so they can say anything regardless of accuracy or truth.   Sadly, that makes it difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction.  Some stories are false and are made for monetary gain (please note we will never pay to remove a negative story or to post a positive one), and some stories are fabricated by people who have never been a patient here.  Again, if you are not able to verify their identity then it could just be a false rumor.  But, with some research and a little time, the truth can be distinguished from the rumors  - allowing you to make a well informed decision.  

It is important to keep in mind the site you are looking at ask some questions:

  • Is it a real and reputable site?  (The "Better Business Bureau" is a reputable and legitimate site /however the  Bad Business Bureau is 'not' legitimate nor reputable)

  • Can anyone post anything they want - or is it monitored for legitimacy and accuracy? 

  • What are some of the other stories?  Do they sound legitimate - or just disgruntled people lashing out? 

  • Are they actual patients? (yes, sadly some people 'do' just sit around making it up)

  • Is one person using multiple screen names to make it look like more people? 

  • Does the site allow you to verify the person's identity?

  • Is the information  merely subjective? (just someone's 'opinion')

It is very important to talk to real patients so you can get accurate reviews of service and outcomes.  This is why we have set up the patient forum and a Facebook group  where you can talk directly with other patients and find out what their experiences were.  Many patients have been around for years and have a lot of knowledge to share.   

Are there patients with legitimate complaints?  Absolutely!  We are not perfect, we are human.  Do we butcher, cheat, or harm patients medically?  Of course not.  That is evident by the number of 'happy' patients we have and our high success rate.   Dr. Perez is an ethical and compassionate person and a highly skilled surgeon with an excellent reputation.  And the vast majority of  his reversals are successful.  There are times when - even under the best of circumstances - he cannot make a patient's dream come true.  Not all patients will conceive after a reversal.  This is not because of their reversal surgery, though we sympathize with their disappointment.  Lashing out and looking for someone to blame is human nature.  Instead of choosing to blame the doctor who 'broke' them - they blame the doctor who could not fix what was already broken.  We grieve with them and wish them well - but we can only do what can be done - and beyond that it is out of our control.    

Do we ever get complaints about US doctors or disparaging letters sent to us about them?  Absolutely!!  We do quite a number of 'second reversals' for patients who previously went to other US doctors.  But, we do NOT allow them on our site.  It is unprofessional.  Attempting to discredit other professionals (or allowing patients to do it on our forums) to build our reputations is not how we choose to do business.  We believe that most doctors do their very best to try to help all  patients, but no one is 100% successful.  We choose to do business with respect for the profession, and stand on our own merit and patient/doctor referrals for growth.   It is also unproductive.  It does not make surgeons better, it does not make patients healthier, it does not increase our success rates or reduce disappointment.  

Simply put, it serves no purpose among professionals, and therefore we choose not to participate in it.  Patients have a right to choose whichever doctor or hospital they believe is  best for them.


If you have any questions, please email!!   Thank you!


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