Flying:  More patients prefer fly - the shuttle will transport you to and from the hospital.  See the shuttle page for pricing.

McAllen, TX - (airport code MFE)

20-30 min from hospital (not including time spent at border crossing/ traffic delays).  More airlines fly into McAllen, and most patients use this airport.  

 Harlingen, TX (airport code HRL

50-60 min from hospital (not including time spent at border crossing/ traffic delays).  Fewer airlines fly into Harlingen but often less expensive airfare.

Try to schedule your flight  to arrive:   At least 4 hours prior to surgery time - or the afternoon / evening prior to a morning surgery.

Your return flight must be scheduled for:   4 hours after hospital release.  You will be released around 24 hours post op. 

If flights are scheduled as listed above and space permits, you will stay 1-2 nights in hospital and should not need to make hotel arrangements.  Bring extra funds for hotel a hotel stay just in case.   Be sure to plan your flight early for the lowest fares but DO NOT purchase airline tickets before you have your appointment confirmed


Please note that it is not recommended nor is it safe that you drive yourself to the hospital.  A very few patients have done so and without incident, but most of them state afterwards that they wish they had used the shuttle.  For those who choose to drive, we offer the following driving tips for your convenience.  Please do your research to make sure all requirements listed are met.  

Directions:   please email for maps/ details

Crossing the Border into Mexico:
  • Border agents are Mexican border agents and will generally just ask to see your ID and the nature of your visit.  It is possible if you have something suspicious in your vehicle that they will want to do a light search (not as likely if you use the shuttle).  Any medications should be prescription and have your name on listed on the bottle. 

Returning across the border into the US: (drive through like a toll booth - waits are often much longer, random inspections may occur.) 

  • These agents are US agents, and are only making sure you are legally allowed to enter the states.  They are not there to distress you, so do not be alarmed or take offense to any of their actions. 

  • US border patrol will:   ask for passport or documents - want to know the purpose of your visit to Mexico, ask if you made any purchases while in Mexico (many things cannot be legally brought back into the states).

  • A search may be initiated - please do not panic - this is normal.   This is done randomly, so there is no reason to be alarmed if asked to pull over. They need to make sure you do not have anything in your vehicle that cannot be brought into the US (food/fruit, non-prescribed drugs, contraband, etc).  If you DO have something inappropriate, they will simply throw it away or confiscate it.

  • Have surgery papers and ID ready to show - your hospital paperwork may be needed to verify that your medications (antibiotics/pain meds) were prescribed.

  • Keep luggage simple.  No large duffel bags, boxes, grocery bags, etc. This would likely cause a search your vehicle (even if you are using the shuttle) and the delay could cause you to miss your return flight.


If you have any questions, please email!!  Thank you!



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