DISCLAIMER : support groups

Dr. Roberto Perez, Dr. Levi Guerra, Hospital De Las Americas, RioBravoReversals and all representatives/staff ~ will not be held responsible in any way for any information (or misinformation) you may receive from groups listed and not listed on this website.

We are aware of a number of groups on the internet in support of our services, and the majority attempt to deliver valid information, offer support from former patients, work with or via our staff when asked, and thrive autonomously yet with integrity towards Dr. Perez and his staff.   Those groups are listed on our site.

At this time, we are NOT working with or recommending any MSN groups, and several Yahoo and private groups that have been formed. Those that exist, do so without our participation or input, and at least two exist in extreme defiance of  Dr. Perez's authority.  We thank those of you who have reported abuses, and we do attempt to monitor where possible.  We are aware of the majority of rumors, activity and falsehoods being circulated, as well as new groups forming ~ and will attempt to keep a watchful eye.  However, we cannot police the internet for you.  Therefore we must maintain our position against recommending any groups at this time which are not listed on this site.

One yahoo group, ReversalsinMexico (RIM), while no longer existent, was a fraud.  This person was never a patient or associate of Dr. Perez.  The owner hides his/her identity with multiple aliases - and  is under investigation by yahoo, verizon, and other board owners for slander, copyright infringement, spam, and other TOS violations. We are also aware of the 'bad' report that some have found on the internet (on a fake site trying to mimic Better Business Bureau) on Dr. Perez ~ this report was another fraudulent /illegal act committed by the same person above and should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.

Other yahoo groups have recently been formed in an attempt to bypass this disclaimer.  Therefore we do not advise joining any groups not listed on this site or those not well established (years of service) in the reversal community.

There is only one bulletin board for Dr. Perez/RioBravoReversals.  This board is listed on the website and is the official bulletin board for Dr. Perez. 

In general, we strongly encourage avoiding groups using Dr. Perez's/the hospital's name but not listed on this site. 

If you have a site, or have found a legitimate support site,  that you would like see listed, please email and let us know.  We would like to support all legitimate support groups with a link. 

(updated Aug. 2006)

Copyright RioBravoReversals 2015  Dr. Roberto Perez. All rights reserved. 

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