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McAllen Miller Int'l Airport
Valley Int'l (Harlingen) Airport

Fear of Flying Try this  free self help workshop online

Hotel & Maps
La Mansion
Maps/ sites around the city


Weather - McAllen, TX
Weather - Matamoras
Weather - Reynosa

Passport Information  (email for some exceptions)

Travel to Mexico (not all requirements listed are necessary for the short distance you will travel into Mexico.)

*Currency Converter
Mexico Connect

*Travel Abroad for American Citizens

US Consular in Mexico
US Consulates in Mexico
*US Embassy Citizen Services in Mexico

Mexico Travel Guide
*Mexico Auto Insurance


Spanish Tutorials  (make flashcards)   1 2 3
Free translation website 1 2 3
Applications for phones 1




Fun Stuff

Mexico for Kids - children's fun guides to Mexico 



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South Padre Island - visitor's guides      1   2


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