Kendra and Steven Rodgers



September 2006


Tubal ligation

Dec 1995

Tubal reversal

Sept 9, 2006


Pregnancy #1

It's a Girl! 10/18/07


6 cm both sides


HSG right tube open, left not seen





Leah Sa'Nora Rodgers

Steven & I would first like to thank God for blessing us with a beautiful baby girl and secondly for blessing Dr. Perez's hands and all of his staff for making this birth possible. It took us 2 months after our waiting period to conceive and I delivered after 38 weeks of pregnancy.  We would like to announce the birth of our first TR baby Leah Sa'Nora Rodgers. She was born October 18, 2007 at 1:46 p.m. and weighed 7lbs. 13oz. also having a length of 20 inches.


March 2007

Hello all. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are pregnant. My TR was on September 9, 2006. I have had 3 ultrasounds the 1st we could not see the baby and 2nd two we did we could. We have not established a due date yet because my doctor is waiting to see a heart beat. I will keep you guys posted

I want 1st thank God, then Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi, and their staff.

Steven and Kendra Rodgers.

February 2007

My name is Kendra Rodgers, I had my surgery September 9, 2006 and I tested today and found out that I am pregnant. I first want to Thank God and secondly Dr. Perez, Dr. Levi and their staff for my blessing; I will be forever grateful. My expected due date is Nov. 1, 2007. I will call my doctor tomorrow to get an appointment and I will keep you guys up dated.

Steven and Kendra Rodgers

December 2006

Hello, my name is Kendra Rodgers I had my tr on 9/9/06. I had a hsg test today and my right tube is open but the left tube he could not see.

Thank You,

Kendra Rodgers

September 2006

My name is Kendra Rodgers and my husband's name is Steven Rodgers. We had our tubal reversal done on Saturday, September 9, 2006. My tube length is 6 cm on both sides.

We are from Houston, Tx.  We chose Dr. Perez because it was close to Houston and I could get my surgery done on the weekend. My husband and I are so glad we chose Dr. Perez because he and his staff were very helpful.  The doctors were great.  They all were so nice.  I have 6cm of tube on but sides.  My left side look a lot better then my right.  I had a great deal of scarring on my right side but the Dr. removed most of it.

My husband and I arrived in Mc Allen from Houston about 11:00 am. We rented a car and drove to Rio Bravo. We arrived in Rio Bravo about 11:45 am. When I arrived I checked in at the front desk and was instantly given a room. The nurse came into prep me about 10 minutes later and by 1:00 I was off to surgery. When I got to surgery I was given meds to relax me but I was moving to much so I had to be give an extra dose. In going in for surgery Dr. Levi found my left tube to be in good condition he had no problem fixing it. but on the right side I had a lot of scarring so it took him a while to remove the scarring. So over all the surgery lasted about two hours. I was brought into a new room after surgery and it was very nice. What I liked was the fact that everything was so clean and the nurses were willing to help each time you called.

After the surgery the doctors came by to see how I was feeling. At that time they asked if I had any question and they were more they happy to answer them for me. I checked out of the hospital Sunday about 2:00 Dr. Levi came by again to see if all was well with me and if I had any questions.

The trip back home was not bad I was just in pain and was not able to walk that well. I am glad I notified the airline of me needing a wheel chair because that would have been one trouble walk.

Over all the trip was not bad at all the only problems we had was trying to figure out which side of the toll bridge to take because it was a truck side and a car side.  Another problem we faced was coming back in the US the border patrol want to know why we went to Rio Bravo and why was our stay was so short. I had to show proof of the surgery and I had to even let them see the bandage because the border patrol said people are doing all kind of stuff so I was okay with that.

Kendra and Steven Rodgers

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